Exclusive Interview – Bohemia

Exclusive Interview Bohemia
Many Desi Hip-Hop fans have been asking about Bohemia lately, so DesiHipHop.com took matters into their own hands and caught up with Bohemia during a recording session at a top secret studio in Oakland. Check out the interview below!

Exclusive Interview - Bohemia desi hiphop


DHH: This studio feels like I’m in a space-shuttle and there was a security guard at the automatic gate. Where the hell are we and why is this place not on my GPS or Google Maps?
BOHEMIA: [laughing] I’m afraid if I told you, they wouldn’t let you leave. Seriously, it’s a private studio by a major label, invite only.
DHH: Ok, on the music front, whats up? Is Bohemia gearing up for a come-back?!
Exclusive Interview - Bohemia desi hip-hop
BOHEMIA: You can’t call it a come-back if I never went away. It’s all about perception, just because I prefer to stay low-key doesn’t mean I’m not making music. My recent work with Bollywood includes features on Speedy Singh’s, Desi Boyz and a lot more surprises to come.
DHH: Please tell Akshay Kumar, DHH say’s ‘hello’.
BOHEMIA: [laughing] Ok, Akshay Kumar loves Hip-Hop, I’m sure he’ll love Desihiphop.com.
DHH: I’m a good actor, just kidding. Seriously though, what else?
BOHEMIA: I’m producing Jasmine Sandlas, www.jasminesandlas.com, she is a sweet blend of Folk Punjabi and Cali Swag. Talking to the labels about major distribution. Stay tuned…
DHH: What about your next album? When’s that coming out?
BOHEMIA: 2012, that’s why I’m here recording. The fans are going to get something they never expected, I mean, we got songs with Baby Bash, The Jacka. From the Desi scene I have one of my favorite vocals Taz (Stereio Nation) singing a hook I wrote for him on this album.
DHH: Are you still tied to a major (Universal) or are you going independent now?
BOHEMIA: I still have a good relationship with Universal Music India. But I just feel that most recently UMG India has lost their edge when it comes to staying ahead of the pack. I think they jumped into the hiphop thing a little too quick without enough research so it may take them a minute to figure this out.
DHH: We heard you’re going to India next week, for what?
BOHEMIA: I’m in India for a few live performances.
DHH: Is there anything you wanna tell your fans?
BOHEMIA: Much love to all my fans for the support. Stay tuned on DesiHipHop.com, the only official website following me through the release of my new album bringing you the latest update first.
DHH: Woah, did you really just say that?
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