My All – Emcee Feral Feat. IBex & Poetik Justis [The Refill -2012]

My All – Emcee Feral Feat. IBex & Poetik Justis [The Refill -2012] []
The new drop from the upcoming mixtape “The Refill” which features Ibex the Rapper from Mumbai and Owner of Hip Hop In India and the Talented Rapper From Mumbai Poetik Justis who is the Hot New Talent to Look around. In “My All” you will notice the Crazy flow and The Lyrics . Check out this Sick Drop.

Verse1:- IBex
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Verse2:- Poetik Justis
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Verse3:- Emcee Feral
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Beat:- Rockitpro


Verse1:- Ibex

Rise in the price standard of life livin on the edge of a knife escapin the truth by tellin a lie gettin ya work done with bribe pick up a pen and start to write before I pick up a weapon to fight aagey se right showin wrong directions no help help yourself city so gritty pitty on poverty callin me gauthi livin in gauthan fucked up outcome where am from bashin the rickshaw wala aye sala
shop-liftin colaba eatin in dhaba
a local with powere my motto ‘karodo me jhol’ I own my doe I owe no debt and don’t forget the blood sweat and tears where did my hommies dissappear only my real friends were near when I needed immediate support you got my back you know I got yours but I cannot trust myself I might as well go to hell see you there
you didn’t perciebe the last of me am not the one to accept defeat wavin the white faldg goin down am takin u down with me it was never easy enemies steepin on me thinkin am weak I cannot forsee the future is bleak provokin me to give all that I got

Verse 2:- Poetik Justis

a 100% isnt enough My inspiration destroyed, but I got “motivation employed”, Man I work up a sweat, and I Bet, they wanna get Me off of My Pedistal, heading towards a spiral down, and feelin like I aint ready dude Theres things that I changes to, feelin like I barely moved, thats scary news, and by god I know sure as hell that aint Ma fault
The new Me is now living thru the pain that the old Me just bygone and Yu expect Me to let it be and not just give it all of My all?
I am like water without gravity, drop Me, Im not gonna fall, tossin da bomb, I “trained My Imagination” so My “dreams” are “stronger than Yours” I play around a lil bit, watch as silent as it gets, but it wont take Me a minute to just fly up thru the Mist DAMN, Try ya fkin best Man, I am nothin less than, a Legend to be, so ya hatred it means nothin to Me…Cant take My spot man My parts played Up, when the world pushes You down how can Yu not stay tough..So if My

Verse3:- Emcee Feral

my lfie is a tree, branch isnt green
i write and i hide coz m fighting the Scene.
i write on the sheet, and i tighten the mean,
my soul is tagged if i’ll hide in th street.
i’m smoking the green, and doping the Cream,
i know u envy me, u choked in ya scream.
my life is a lie like u joke in the Teen,
m broke like a screen and roll like a Fiend.
my rhymes make me laugh and they make me cry,
i’m making people listen make it late goodbye.
i hate to fly m afraid of height
m underground coz millions way to die.
This is my life and nobody cant Rate it,
my rhymes are rain ur name gonna get faded.
u bring bombs and some dicks u can Raide yeah?
i’m a fucking friction, i can make u stick, Stay Here.
bitches be talking feral spits Hard,
I can make ur pussy Wiggle, and i can make a bitch bark.
This is all i got i can switch and spark
m keeping it real no shit no star,
i spit so hard,i give stitch and scar
wen m talk about love? ya all bitches in car.
Music is my soul and it can not rest in Peace,
i got my people with me, haters watching best in me.

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