Andhera Raasta- Emcee Feral -[The Refill – 2011]

Andhera Raasta- Emcee Feral -[The Refill – 2011]
Andhera Raasta- Emcee Feral -[The Refill - 2011] free download mixtape

Track from the Vault.
 Track Name :- Andhera Raasta
 Album :- The Refill – 2012

 Slow Hindi/English Rap.

Vocals & Lyrics – Emcee Feral
Beat:- Life and Death Productions


Verse 1

Its a Long road, main chalta he ja raha,
duniya se door, mera dil pe kaabu na raha.
I was telling u , tu dil se mat Soch,
Jab Milte hai roz, hum hoke madhosh.
Jo dil mein tha Aaj zubaan pe hai,
Akela Raste pe, tu kahan pe hai?
ye mera Geet sare jahan se hai,
Mera ateet kisi Wajah se hai.

zindagi khel hai, ya ek jua,
aisi jagah khada, na mili mujhe dua,
Akela kamre mein baitha, maine kholi wo kitaab,
Dekh ke kitaab, dil roya behisaab

Zindagi ghulaam meri, Nashe se hai pyaar mera
andhere raaste pe, geet hathyaar mera,
akela baitha main ladd raha andhere se,
zinda hun tabhi darr lag raha Savere se.


Its a Dark Night, aur Lamba ye raasta
Darr lag raha zindagi ek haadsa,
we dont have time aur ye beech ka faasla
saath chhot gaya, kahan hai tera wo waasta.

verse2 :-

its a not a day for me, neither its a night,
I cant see no sun, The Dark has no Shine.
m falling into dark, i cant see no finish line
This is the circle of Death, this is an Impish design.

I’m breaking through the Hate, I’ll make it to my fate
I’ll get patent to this shit, will get straight into the ship.
the thoughts got no flow, this is a wasted trip.
this is a Faded spit, my life’s a taineted script.

i was waiting for my bitch, she was dating with a snitch,
i got bottles in my fridge, she won a lotta with that Ditch.
i got my anger revive,the best rapper alive
I got my swagger survived or i’ll get shatter and dive.

I’m Sitting in the club and m sipping on Henessey
I smoking them shrubs and gripping on enemies
I’m so off track, i cant put my life back,
wen i put my life back, i get off that track.

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