Champ – Emcee Feral [ Idea – The Mixtape] [2012] (Prod By Gramatik)

This is the First Track from “IDEA” The Mixtape. which is due Release in the Month of June.

Champ - Emcee Feral - Idea - The Mixtape free download


Track :- Champ
Vocals & Lyrics:- Emcee Feral
Produced by Gramatik
Mixing and Mastering – Studio FBI.


I’m spitting a heavy verse, putting in some heavy words,
Eating some heavy Nerds, pushing out the heavy BURP!
they call it freestlyl, I call it Brainstorming,
Do bring the rain for me, U cant get the Pain Homie.
The Call me Boss, I’m smoking, I cant get Jokes, I’m joking,
Two hands on Throat You r choking, Like a Faggot Lover, Your Broken.
I got the Money, they talk! I got em running, they Bark!
Living a Green life, I got em Stunning, they Shocked!
I really dont see no Hater, or I’m just having the Bad Sight,
Are you loving the Good side? then why you on BAD side?
they want to love Feral, They all are doing a Cat fight,
I’ve just waited for too long, the Heart I just Cant find.
I’m loving, I’m gone, The life is on the fast lane,
bitches be going asking, Our Boss is Like Flowing Acid.
Dont Touch, Dont Talk, I’m Writing a song,
Light Up the Biggest Bong, Tonight I’ll be Rich and Strong.


Got one Dream, One Aim and Time is the Only Money.
Love is just the waste of time, Bitches just filling the tummy.
what you is Spitting is funny, even if u eating the honey,
U can not be So sweet, Coz your just sitting you Dummy.
Got No digits on Watch, the Time Says Now.
I Tell them a Simple Magic, when they Ask Me How?
They think the Sky is the Limit, They can never reach me,
I’m Shining like a Star,fingers Pointing and she Screamed.
Feral, The Boss, The Swag, Fuck All.
I’ll be ruling hip hop, when they say the King of All.
they climbing up the stairs that was constructed by me
path of the greatness, Hip Hop is my cup of tea.
No division I’m Prime, for Revision No time,
giving the best shot, on television every time.
my rhymes says I’m a Simple man with special dreams,
Made them Jaws Dropped, when I flow on a Beat.
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