OUTLANDISH – Rob C – Yaara Ki Pt.II (Feat.Sikander Kahlon) – 2012

OUTLANDISH – Rob C – Yaara Ki Pt.II (Feat.Sikander Kahlon) – 2012
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Wa-Da-Da-Danng, Wa-Da-Da-Da-Danng Eyy !
Listen to My 9MM Go Banng !! (Yaara Ki ?)

Wa-Da-Da-Danng, Wa-Da-Da-Da-Danng,
Dekh Yaara Meri Danali Jaunndi Banng !!! (Yaara Ki ?) (X2)


Rob C, that’s what they call me//
I’m back spittin rhymes rugged like a Zombie//
Kahlon, Kahlon, yeah eat ’em up//
Let ’em feel this Inferno while we heat it up//
Throw ur hands in the sky and ur jaws on the floor//
freeze yo bodies where they at coz we want it all//
Possessin your thoughts, I’m makin ’em vivid//
Let posterity enjoy the fruit coz they’ll never stay timid//
Yo we comin fearless we got nothin’ to lose//
I’m here to infiltrate Minds, I’m not here to amuse//
you or your lil’ brother, Man I’m not a Role Model//
No matter how hard I try, I could never be your Father//
Harder, Harder, my Haters try Harder//
I’m not payin attention, I’m aimin’ for the Stardom//
I’ma own this world for good, and start dictatin terms//
Put life in Reverse Gear, convert u back into your sperm//


VERSE II (Kahlon)

Wa-Da-Da-Danng, Wa-Da-Da-Danng//
Yaara Veliyan de naal Main Karaan hanng//
Yaraa Veliyan de naal Main Karaan banng//
Yaraa Veliyan naal mera, Kala Kurta, GANNG//
Yaara vach ke tainu luttan da plan//
hannere vich ghumma jiven hun batman//
teinu de davan faansi jiven tu hangman//
main te rob c jiven wu tang clan//
samjheya tu gal ? saunn lagge tainu dekhan ni dena kal//
ehni jannat billo naal mere chal//
main inna jaada hot tu jaayengi jall// wooo
loki jaannde punjab ton lai ke brampton//
mohali nu main bana denna compton//
saareyan di akhan mere te ne aaj//
loki kehn vaapas aa geya tupac//


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