Stafford Brothers Ft. Lil Wayne & Christina Milian – Hello (Pleather Remix)

Stafford Brothers feat. Lil Wayne & Christina Milian – Hello (Pleather Remix)

Pleather’s remix of Hello stands in stark contrast to the original version of the track. With an emotional chord progression it feels more like an 80s love ballad than a club anthem. The minimal breakdowns highlight the vocals of Christina Milian and Lil Wayne, while the vintage percussion hits and arpeggiated bassline further contribute to a sound that will take you back in time.

About Pleather
Legend has it…
One warm afternoon in the late 80’s, a young father named Zoos was driving the highways of the Eastern Seaboard in his 1974 Thunderbird Convertible. Riding shotgun was Zoos’ newborn son. The child suffered from intense colic since he had come home from the hospital, and Zoos had found the child to be soothed only when riding in his muscle car with the top down, listening to hair metal or David Bowie. . . On this day, Zoos and his son were cruising Highway 128 (or was it 95?) wearing matching spandex jumpsuits, when a torrential storm arose seemingly from nowhere. Zoos had just pulled over and hopped out of the car to put the top up, when a massive bolt of lightening struck the vehicle. Zoos was knocked onto his back by the sheer power of the bolt, and scrambled to his feet, incensed with fear. There, still sitting shotgun, was his child, chortling. When Zoos checked the child for injuries, he realized that the spandex had fused with his skin, with his very being. Although the child had arrived in the world a few weeks prior, it was on this day that PLEATHER was born. Today, PLEATHER uses his superhuman-spandexterity to make the world a better place through the groovy thunder-claps of sonic goodness that he creates in his secret underground studio.

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