Fruit Snacks by KYLE [Official Video]

Fruit Snacks by KYLE [Official Video]

KYLE releases the highly anticipated music video to “Fruit Snacks”. Directed by Jakon Owens and Nolan Smith, the directors behind KYLE’s popular video to “Keep It Real”. The music video switches between a snowy mountain and sunny beach backdrops to create a surreal visual that perfectly matches the feel of the song.

“This is one of my favorite songs for several reasons. I don’t consider myself to be a “swag” rapper but this shit feels kinda swaggy. I definitely don’t smoke weed but you can fasho smoke to this. It’s ignorant, unique, and fun and was one of my favorite songs to make. Life is fun, don’t take it too seriously, have fun. It will all be good in the end. It will all be good when we’re gone.” – KYLE

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About KYLE
KYLE is a 19 year old artist from the cool climate of Ventura, California. Since an early age KYLE has been impressing friends and family by rapping and singing his heart out, but it was in high school when his talents really started to spread throughout the rest of the community. KYLE acted in the school plays, sang in the show choir, rapped in the talent show, performed at half-time of the sporting events, and threw concerts on the weekends with his friends. Everyone who has seen him perform is drawn in by his beaming charisma and lovable nature.

Upon graduating high school KYLE dove into music, experimenting to find his own sound. “Super Duper” was just that. A full-length project, produced entirely by KYLE and his good friend Dave Cappa in KYLE’s grandmother’s house. Thanks to Cappa’s eclectic choice of samples and KYLE’s vocal and lyrical versatility they created a project that was beloved by all who experienced it. The viral videos that were released prior to the project “Lemonade” and “We Can” have received over half a million views and set the tone for the release of “Super Duper”. Via YouTube and the internet in general KYLE’s playful rap flow, impressive melodies, and creative music videos have gained him fans of all shapes and sizes all over the globe.

After ‘Super Duper’ the demand for KYLE’s music has been on the rise. Amassing nearly 2 million cumulative YouTube views along with 7.5k Facebook fans and 6.5k Twitter followers KYLE’s fan base is strong. In July of 2012 KYLE along with his Manager Nolan Smith moved to Downtown Los Angeles to work with Indie Pop Records on his debut album ‘Beautiful Loser’ that will be released for free in the Spring of 2013. Working with his friend (talented producer) DJ Carnage along with The Cataracs, Tomas Barfod, Bedrock and of course KYLE’s bff Dave Cappa, the sounds on ‘Beautiful Loser’ are sure to turn ‘KYLE’ into a household name!

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