Half-Awake Tapes Volume 2 – Rhyme Progression [Mixtape]

Half-Awake Tapes Volume 2 by Rhyme Progression [Mixtape]

Half-Awake Tapes Volume 2 is the second installment in Rhyme Progression’s Half-Awake series. Half-Awake Tapes is a series of self-produced 4 track EP’s Rhyme Pro will be steadily releasing while he finishes school at CU Denver and saves for the next album.

Artist Information


Boom-bapping his way out of Denver, Colorado, Rhyme Progression is a hip-hop emcee and producer in the prime of his grind. Rhyme Pro is often referred to as a mix of Atmosphere, Brother Ali, and Grieves. In 2009 Rob “Rhyme Progression” Fischer traveled to NYU to hone in on his musical abilities. While there he met up with many like-minded individuals that gave him a new insight on music. He learned the tricks to making raw underground hip-hop, from sampling records to introspective lyricism. Since the New York experience Rhyme Progression has managed to cause quite the national buzz, doing well over 50 shows in 2011 from Colorado to South Dakota and even Montana. In August of 2012 he headlined his first national tour which hit most of the Western United States. On stage he delivers an energetic, interactive show with DJ Blacksheep(Anthony Kunovic). In August of 2011 Rhyme Progression released his debut full-length album, All I Have is Music, which features Sapient of the Portland, OR based hip-hop group, Sandpeople. Rhyme Progression released the Awoken EP in August of 2012 which has since been well reviewed and been featured on many college radio stations. It features Mac Lethal and while the 5 track EP was entirely produced by Rhyme Pro, there are 5 additional tracks produced by Blacksheep, Crates, and Maulskull. Currently Rhyme Pro is working on Half-Awake Tapes, which is a series of four track self-produced EP’s. Keep your eyes and ears out for this new, young, and fresh artist as he continues his conquest of the hip-hop genre.

Primary Contact:
Rob Fischer – [email protected]


Rob “Rhyme Progression” Fischer – Emcee/Producer
Anthony “Blacksheep” Kunovic – turntablist


Half-Awake Tapes Volume 2 (March 24, 2013)
1. Slum Lord
2. Recipe
3. Perpetual Rhyming
4. Don’t Need You – Acoustic Remix ft. Bryan Richrath

Half-Awake Tapes Volume 1 (January 8, 2013)
1. It’s Hard to be a Man
2. Another Night
3. Asking You
4. Theory(Bonus Beat)

Awoken EP – (August 1st, 2012)
1. Backyard Cypher
2. Gat Damn Right
3. Broken Down ft. Mac Lethal
4. Safe Inside Me
5. One Two Three Four

Single – Don’t Need You (2012)

Death By Thr33s Volume 7(2012)
1. I’ve Been Told(Prod. by Maulskull)
2. Shallow Grave(Prod. by Maulskull)
3. Wreck-Collections(Prod. by Maulskull)

Single – Just Another Day ft. Fade (2011)

All I Have is Music(2011)
1. Big Break
2. For the Producers
3. No Place to Go(ft. Sapient of Sandpeople)
4. Climb to the Top
5. It Could Be…
6. Worth A Try
7. I Had a Little Talk(Ft. Spite of Fade)
8. Lazy Inspiration
9. Scared Love
10. End of the Road
11. What is Music
12. Find Your Escape

The 12th Street EP (2009)
1. Blind World
2. Life’s a Struggle
3. Rhyme Progression
4. Hip-Hop I Am
5. Time is Money

Rational Anthem
Giving You Reasons
I’m Your Angel
Bad Night
Runaway Nation feat. Taylor H.
Our Lives feat. Duece
Who Knows
Fly Away
What They Say
My Own Deal

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