International Gujarati – IQ AKA Gujju Bhai

               International Gujarati – iQ aka Gujju Bhai (Gujarati Rap)

iQ says “Kem cho Guju Bhai (Gujjubhai) International Gujarati ”? Its about time someone stepped up representing the people of Gujarat to the world of Desi Hip-Hop. There have only been a couple real attempts at Gujarati Rap since the days of Devang Patel’s “Patel Rap” and Karmacy’s “Blood Brothers“, but none have struck a cord like “Guju Bhai”. iQ’s latest single fills the void that the Gujarati audience has been searching for. A blend of humor and swag, Guju Bhai is a humble and entertaining character that portrays the life of a Gujurati Don.

International Gujarati


Gujarati Rap: “International Gujarati” – iQ (Gujjubhai) @iamgujubhai [New Video 2013]……

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