Monkeys On The Beach – Myke Bogan [Mixtape]

Monkeys On The Beach – Myke Bogan [Mixtape]

Myke has been pursuing his budding rap career, material thus far consisting of his first mixtape So Long South Dakota and the his latest Monkeys on the Beach. Between the two projects, his personal and artistic evolution reigns ever apparent. So Long chronicled his life while in college, the struggles he encountered as a student, athlete, father, and the grind of pursuing music all at the same time. Monkeys on the Beach is about leaving that chapter behind while portraying his dueling lifestyle. “Monkeys on the Beach comes from one side of my life being my vacation; the weed, the partying, the drinking, the music. That’s my getaway,” he explains. “The other side of my life (my kids, the issues I go through with my baby mom, my family, my struggles, my addictions) is the crazy side, the jungle animal in me, the monkey,” he continues. And therefore, Myke Bogan’s artistic and personal growth continues, chronicled in the package that is Monkeys on the Beach.


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