TheHipHop First Interview : Juice Aleem

TheHipHop First Interview : Juice Aleem
juice aleem

1: As we all know you are well known by the name “Juice Aleem”. Do you have any other name or what your fans call you ?
Aleem Juice. JeruSalaam, Heru Atep, Al, Ali, Juice, Lord Aleem…there are too many names to mention, it gets a little crazy sometime.  as long as I can remember who I am that’s the important thing.

2: How long have you been doing freestyle raps ?
Ive been freestyling for longer than I’ve been making music.  I used to do it as a child before I knew what it was called.  I would make my own version of the songs on the radio and have them saying what I wanted.  Id do my own versions of advertisements too.  I don’t get to do it as much now so I always try to throw some in when I’m on stage.

3: Would you mind telling your fans about your family or background ?
I come from a Caribbean background and most of what I do is infused with that.  From the food I grew up eating to the music and expression it filters through even in the cold of England we still bring that heat of cultural heritage and insight. My children have elements of this too and we spend a lot of time together so I see how this energy lives on.  My daughter looks a lot like my mother so we really have an understanding of us being a continuation of our ancestors.

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4: Have you ever toured india ? If not, Would you like to do any stage shows in india ?
I’d love to tour India.  So far I’ve only been to Mumbai and Goa. We did the Big Chill festival in Goa and stayed out there for a little while.  The culture is amazing and I’d love to see the rest of India to see how different they are and the elements that remain the same.  It would be incredible to be able to bring my music to the various regions and have and exchange with artists from these areas of India I’ve only heard about. Tamil Nadu, Kerala…there are so many places I’d love to go

5: Have you ever thought of working in bollywood cinema ?
Often wonder what it would be like working in cinema in other countries. I imagine Bollywood to be a full on extreme experience that would kind of change your life. It’s be great to be in some serious drama but I’d love a part in a new Don movie.

6: What do you think is the real defination of Hip-Hop ?
The real definition of Hip Hop is understanding what has come before and using all of that to bring a totally new self expression to the world. Being aware but being free enough to flow with whatever elements you already have. Hip Hop is going to your cupboard to make a meal and only finding a potato, some rice and three herbs and still being able to come up with a banquet feast for the whole world.

7: What are your plans for future ?
For the future, we make more music, study more, travel more and make sure that my children are well looked after.  we have another EP release and the album is set to come out later this year so Im really looking forward to being able to promote and tour it as far as possible.

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8: Any words for our website ?
It’s amazing seeing this website because it’s a whole world of music I knew very little about.  I’d also like to give a big shout for showing love to us at Spinning Compass records and Shadowless.  Being local and taking it global is really where it’s at and where it needs to be.  Hope we link up again real soon.  Peace


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