TIC TAC TOE – Lewis Parker, TRAC, John Robinson [Official Video]

TIC TAC TOE – Lewis Parker, TRAC, John Robinson [Official Video]

Directed, filmed, and edited by Romen Rok.
Motion graphics and color correction by Jesse Lampkin.

Produced by Kicdrum Products – http://www.kicdrumproducts.com/produc…

Noughts and crosses. The roundness of the drum meets the crossing of the stick. The flame from the match ignites the BOOM from the wick. Drumz & Llingo’s Philly sound meets a New York trio with unmatched wits. KDP proudly introduces, Lewis Parker: UK native, SP technician, emcee extraordinaire with the golden sound. T.R.A.C: Flow artisan, boom bap blesser and Koncrete Jungle repper. John Robinson: The Linguistic surgeon, operating with scientific precision.

Individually dynamic and collectively triumphant, John Robinson, TRAC and Lewis Parker display a unique ability to come together and murder an absolutely meddlesome beat. The emcees provide unique and different styles while at the same time maintaining a cohesion rarely seen by actual multiple emcee rap groups. While not a group themselves, these individually accomplished emcees, have worked together in the past. Yet it is worthy to note that John Robinson, (previously known as Lil’ Sci from Scienz of Life) is reuniting with Lewis parker for the first time since their successful International Summers colab in 2010.

The A side of this record is as hard as it gets. Drumz & Llingo continue to define the modern rugged east coast sound, and also show producers what a remix should sound like; via a B side that sounds like an entirely different song, that is equally as good as the original, but flipped on its head with a totally different feel. Learn from this. This is what a remix should be. KDP strikes gold again, this time with the help of Lewis Parker, TRAC and John Robinson.

Tic-Tac-Toe that’s three in a row… lets go

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