Chainsaw Chatter – Rediculus feat. Aarophat

Chainsaw Chatter – Rediculus feat. Aarophat

Knowledge Giving Birth Productions is proud to release the first collaborative effort from Chicago producer Rediculus and West Coast MC Aarophat.

With a thumping drum line and wailing guitars, this song is set to start the summer off right!

IMG_4314They say Hip Hop is something you live, not something you do. Rediculus, born Todd Dahn, is the perfect example of that saying. Born in the early ‘70s, he has lived with hip-hop in his blood his whole life. Through his talent he now brings it to life in his tracks, which are steadily building up steam and popularity and the rebirth of “real hip-hop”.

Music found Rediculus at an early age, growing up in a house in Buffalo, NY, where you were just as likely to hear The Statler Brothers as you were Nina Simone. In elementary school he played drums and clarinet, earning a chair in the New York All State Band playing clarinet. He watched Hip-Hop grow, finding inspiration in the works of DJ Premiere, DJ Muggs, Dr. Dre, Diamond D, and Pete Nice. At 19 at the insistence of his roommate who was tired of Rediculus breaking strings on his bass guitar showing him ideas he had, Rediculus purchased his first keyboard/sampler and drum machine to try his hand at making beats. Rediculus spent the next 10 years in the recording studio teaching himself how to write, record/engineer and produce music, culminating in the release of his first studio album in 2000, Sessions Vol.1 – Friends and Family, which featured some of Chicago’s hottest underground talent at the time including Abstract Mindstate, Task Force, Cos G and WordPerfect.

IMG_4686In 2001, he produced Nizm’s debut album, “Subtle Perspectives”. He built his own recording studio, The Delivery Room and continued working on refining his sound, producing for Third Generation of Hip Hop, Clip, Big C and other neighborhood underground emcees.

In 2004, armed with a new group of emcees and a lot more experience, Rediculus entered the studio again and over the next 4 years recorded over 60 songs with Rich Malone, Prome, Big Al, Charlie Hustle, Airon, Chuck Chill and Stoob, ending up with his next project, the highly anticipated Masters of Conversation debut album “First Words Spoken” which was released in early 2009.

2010 was a great year for Rediculus, ending with a distribution situation with Island/Def Jam to digitally distribute his music globally. The 3rd installment of the Masters of Conversation series, ReVerb, was released to critical acclaim with the mixtape version of the project hosted by the legendary Bronx NY DJ, DJ Ready Cee. It spawned his most popular single to date – the heart felt “Traditions” featuring up and coming Houston MC Pair-a-Dyce.

2011 has been just as good if not better for Rediculus, with the release of his critically acclaimed instrumental album “Walking Down Broken Paths” in February and he just completed the 4th installment of the Masters of Conversation series titled “Punchlines and Parables” which features Chubb Rock, Koncept, The Audible Doctor, Ruste Juxx, Shabaam Sahdeeq, Red Eye, Rich Malone, Nine, Prome, Gage-One and many others and is set to be released on September 20, 2011.

Rediculs_LOGO_2B_Gargoyle2012 ended with a bang for Rediculus. Not wasting any time, he had a slew of projects dropping throughout year. Pair-a-Dyce dropped “The Road Less Traveled”, for which Rediculus produced 6 of the 7 tracks, Rich Malone dropped his EP with a few tracks from Rediculus, Big Dutty Deeze dropped his debut album, Lost Things came out to critical acclaim and modest success and several singles were in heavy rotation throughout the year.

2013 has started off with a bang, seeing Rediculus release 2 smash singles; Off the Turnbuckles feat J57, Venoumous2000, Fdot1 and El Gant and Lets Go feat. FDot1 and put out his first of many instrumental projects, Dirty Concrete, presented by

There’s also a few singles with Red Pill on the horizon, and projects with Nutso, Ruste Juxx, Verbal Kent, The Day Laborers, Bug Dutty Deeze, Pat Starr, Rich Malone and more instrumental projects.

Regardless of who he’s making the beats for, it’s not hard to say you’ll be hearing a lot of music from Rediculus this year and in 2013.

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