Change-Up – Keeqs (Music)

Change-Up – Keeqs (Music)

Change-Up - Keeqs the hip hop (Music)Every so often an artist emerges on the hip-hop/rap scene, and reinvigorates the culture we love with a fresh and inspiring voice that resonates with the masses in a real way. Today that artist is 20-year old Keeqs, from Fresno, California.

Keeqs found his voice in music at the age of 16, finding his start as a member of former local rap group C.O.D., since then he has been refining his flow into the explosive, yet polished, and eclectic style he brings to the game now.

Now, Keeqs is back at it again, coming off the release of his first official tape “Fleaux” with newly found rhythm, and energy; also with a fresh, and untitled project in the works, Keeqs is capturing a more sophisticated, and interesting sound, that can be felt in his first release off of his new project, “Change-Up.”

Keeqs has been chasing his dreams with relentless persistence, and devotion since he discovered his talent for making great music. Big dreams, big talent, and big ambitions. Expect big things from Keeqs.

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