FaZe Clan – D-WHY (Official Video)

FaZe Clan – D-WHY (Official Video)

Versatile recording artist D-WHY has released a slew of genre-crossing music over the past year. From rap, to folk, to indie rock, to pop-inspired tracks, he’s made a name for himself as a diverse new artist whose knack for songwriting isn’t stuck to one specific sound. His debut mixtape/free album, Don’t Flatter Yourself, came out last August and until recently, he‘s been releasing videos to support the project. At last, however, D is giving his fans a brand new song with a video to match.

Beginning on May 24, D-WHY will be embarking on his just-announced 22+ city ‘Young, Loved, Hated & Broke’ Tour across the U.S. To support the dates, he will release an EP by the same name (release date not yet announced). The first taste of it comes in the form of “FaZe Clan,” a brand new song that he’s released with an accompanying video today. The track was produced by super-producer K.E. On The Track (Future’s “Magic”, DJ Khaled’s “I’m So Blessed”, Chief Keef’s “Kay Kay”, Roscoe Dash’s “Show Out” & “All The Way Turnt Up”) and the video was shot and edited by D-WHY’s frequent collaborator, Jakob Owens.

Some may know FaZe Clan as a group of Call of Duty players who have built up a following for videos on their YouTube channel, but D-WHY’s new song/video isn’t about them or gaming. Instead, the title stems from its recurring lyric, “Hey man, kill ‘em like FaZe Clan.” Here’s what D-WHY himself has to say about it:

“The title originated from one of my best friends who is an avid CoD player and watches FaZe Clan videos on YouTube religiously. He said to me one day in a conversation about my music and performing, “D, you’ve gotta kill ’em like FaZe Clan.” That’s where the recurring line in the song comes from. After playing the track for several people, they all began calling it “FaZe Clan” and the title just stuck. Honestly, this song is just about being yourself, being confident in who you are and not caring what other people think. I love coffee—so what? If I replaced the word ‘espresso’ with ‘bottle’ in the chorus in reference to alcohol, no one would say anything about it. It would be normal. But that’s not me. Be yourself and don’t be afraid to be different. That’s the real motto.”

Free Download of this song – http://smarturl.it/FaZeClanDL
D-WHY Tour Dates/Tickets – http://tour.D-WHY.com
D-WHY on Facebook – http://facebook.com/DWHYmusic
D-WHY on Twitter – http://twitter.com/DWHY
D-WHY on Instagram – http://instagram.com/DWHY

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