L.I.F.E – mo’heat (Mixtape)

L.I.F.E (Living Is Free Existence) by mo’heat (Creative Rebels World – CReW)

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Fresh off of a strong 1st quarter in 2013, Creative Rebels World member/creator, mo’heat, recently released his diary of music L.I.F.E (Living Is Free Existence) on June 13, 2013 via Bandcamp as a Free Digital Download for all hip hop fans & lovers of music. The catalogue of songs has a wide variety of sounds, elements & emotions throughout the project. As a Toronto based artist, mo’heat was aspiring to create the most universal music for everyone and anyone from all walks of LIFE to listen to. With the title track as a nostalgic intro, the consistency from song to song gives a unique outlook on different topics of freedom, struggle & unity. There are elements of RnB, Rap, Hip Hop and Alternative music & all of the singing, melodies and vocals were originally developed. A couple songs to look out for would be “L.I.F.E. (Living Is Free Existence)” “Imagination” “Billion” and “Millennium”. There are a total of 13 songs. Written, conceptualized and created by mo’heat.

Recent works of mo’heat prior to this release:
As a preview for the album, “Liberation” was released in April 2013: http://www.thehiphop.org/liberation
The 1st single off of L.I.F.E titled “Classic” was released on June 5th as a teaser for the project: http://moheat.bandcamp.com/track/classic
CReW dropped their “Real Lxfe” video via Youtube which featured mo’heat, City, SeT and DillanPonders: http://www.thehiphop.org/real-lxfe-crew
**visuals from L.I.F.E will be coming in the very near future for listeners to get a glimpse of the background behind the music**

LIFE (Living Is Free Existence) by moheat (Creative Rebels World - CReW)

mo’heat has been developing his sound for 3-4 years, continuously putting out singles, collaborating & being featured on numerous tracks with the likes of City, DillanPonders, SeT, Tray and Aay Cee, who are all a part of the ‘CReW’. Living Is Free Existence dropped right after fellow Creative Rebel, DillanPonders, published his LP “Overdose” on May 16, 2013 (http://www.thehiphop.org/overdose). City’s new project “On Y Va” is also due later this year.
Creative Rebels World is a multi-talented movement of artists, musicians, producers, photographers, videographers, etc. We strive on building a bright future for individuals who are passionate about their creative expression. We believe that anyone can freely become a creator of art & establish themselves in our world of today with continuous support of eachother.
We hope that you will enjoy this body of work & can help us share this music to the world.
Best regards & Thank You!

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