Sunday Afternoon / Change – Mirage512 and Side Effect (Video)

Sunday Afternoon / Change – Mirage512 and Side Effect (Video)…

Please support THE UNDERGRIND TOUR by pledging a contribution to our Indiegogo campaign!!

We hope to share our vibe with people and connect with groups all over the United States and the world by booking this tour at a variety of locations around the country, and possibly overseas, while achieving funding to support ourselves and breaking even financially.

What we are doing :-
There’s only so much we can accomplish by staying put in our hometown. A vital part in the successful career of any indie artist is to be able to achieve a sound fiscal base to champion touring in an effort to preserve an audience for their music. Touring is not a cheap thing to do but its value is immeasurable for artists like us who are looking to spread our music to all parts of the country. We would like you to offer your financial sponsorship so that we can continue to spread our craft and give back to you. But it’s not all charity! We are looking for your help to match the funds that we worked hard to save for this very occasion. Touring requires a lot of planning, networking, negotiation and FUNDS. Our fans from different places all over the country and the world have let us know they are waiting for us!. We have wanted to get out, perform for, and network with these great folks for a while now, and we feel that this is the time for it.

Record deals are almost unheard of these days and often times put bands in debt even if sales are strong. We think that we can accomplish a lot with a small budget and some wide spread networking with our fellow artists. Our partnership has over 25 years of shared music experience, and over our careers we have built a huge network of other Indie artists who are ready to collaborate and share their local podiums. Our community is rapidly growing as other artists understand the value of hosting us in their hometown market with the understanding that we will welcome them next time they are in our hometown market (Austin TX).

This growing community is part of a grassroots movement we created called “The Undergrind”. We hope it will eventually operate like the “Chittlin Circuit” that birthed so many of our entertainment heroes of the past. We have created this campaign so that we can give you the chance to support our efforts through your funded contributions. We call out to family, friends, and supporters (not fans) to contribute to this great cause and in return, we’d like to give you some goodies. For those of you out there who contribute, we have flash-drives, CD’s, T-shirts, a new song, performances and more in exchange for your contribution. Please help us spread this Music all over the world. So if you like what you see and hear, please share this campaign and music with your folks!!!!!

The Back Story :-
The Undergrind is born out of the spirit of independent hip hop artists from various parts of the country, sharing resources in order to get to the next level. More specifically, it starts with two indie hip-hop cats, one from Philadelphia (Side Effect) and one from Austin, TX (Mirage512). The partnership grew out of an appreciation for Underground hip-hop and soul music. The two linked at a show in Austin in 2012, exchanged music, and began talking about collaborating on an indie tour — born was the idea of the “Undergrind Tour”. The tour will be an annual outing, and grow as an unofficial network of Underground/Indie artists that are willing to work together and share resources. To kick off, Mirage512 & Side Effect will be making the first outing this summer 2013, and they need your support!!!!

What your money is going towards :-
– Travel (plane tickets)
– Merchandise (must recoup funds): Shirts, CD’s, Flash Drives, Hats, etc. )
– Lodging (must have a place to sleep)
– Meals (got to eat)
– Equipment (we must have it in order to make sure the sound is right): Mic, Turntables, etc.
– Advertising (we must let the folk know we’re coming)
Th­is is the Brand New Double Video “Sunday Afternoon / Change” from MIRAGE512 and SIDE EFFECT off “THE UNDERGRIND MIXTAPE”. Mixed and hosted by DJ Mr. Cree of The SuperStar DJ’s

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“Sunday Afternoon”–Produced by Trill Gates
“Change”–Produced by Side Effect

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