TheHipHop Interview With AWKWORD

desi hip hop interview

TheHipHop Interview With AWKWORD

Awkword Interview Thehiphop

1: What is your real name ?

Until someone does a wikipedia page on me, yall gon have to figure that out for yourselves.

2: How long have you been in this Hip-Hop industry ?

I been writing since day one. My first public performance was 1999. I toured, sold records, etc., throughout the early 2000s. I didnt start taking it seriously though, trying to make a real impact and lasting impression, until around 2011.

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3: What is world view charity ?

World View itself is not a charity. World View is the first-ever 100% for-charity global Hip Hop project. All proceeds are donated to the 501c3-registered nonprofit Guns 4 Cameras, which goes a step beyond the gun exchange, working to educate and empower at-risk youth. All continents, approximately 20 countries, and all regions of the US have been involved in the development of this idea and in the production of the music. The purpose is to better society by directly reaching the youth, our future, using Hip Hop as the foundation. The purpose is to show every hater, every denier that Hip Hop can and does bring us all together, under one common philosophy. We bounce to the same beat, no matter where we at geographically.

4: What is this charity all about ?

See my response to question 3. Or, visit for more information about World View and Guns 4 Cameras.

desi hip hop interview

5: Who is in your family ?

A bunch a hardcore money-making no-shit-taking Jews and Italians, who also have hearts of gold and a commitment to bettering society. This is where I came from. My mom was the epitome of this. She died 1/2/12. Here is my song for her:

6: Do you want to work with Indian hip hop artists ?

Yes! Suggestions?

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7: Some words for our website ?

I want to thank you for taking the time to fux with AWKKWORD, a US cat, a Jewish cat, a nearly translucently white mafucker. I do this for the culture, the love, my people, the 99%, the oppressed and persecuted, the day laborers, night partyers. From New York City to New Delhi, i represent for all my Hip Hop heads. Thanks for the continued support, and stay tuned for that next next new shit. Bout to get crazy.

The Hip Hop Interview With Awkword.

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