Vers’tyle – The Round Up (Interlude)

Vers’tyle – The Round Up (Interlude) Produced by ANS

“Rogue EP” coming soon

Written by: Vers’tyle
Produced by: ANS
Visualized by:Vers’tyle
Directed by: Anthony Scott DePerto
Filmed/Engineered/Mixed by: ANS Studios

The Round Up is a quick interlude that serves as an appetizer for the “Rogue of the Mold EP”. Creating curiosity and leaving people with a hunger for more material from Vers’tyle. This video will grab the eyes and ears of future fans. And for the current followers, it’s a glimpse of the growth of Vers’tyle as an artist.

I’m hard at work making new music and promoting on the concrete, but the real way to expand my reach is through you. ANY and EVERY bit of coverage you do will be greatly appreciated! I will definitely return the love by blasting your name all over my site ( and through social media. Rogue…EP dropping this summer!

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