Juvi Dizzle – H.O.M.E. x Dr. Micheal Eric Dyson

Juvi Dizzle – H.O.M.E. x Dr. Micheal Eric Dyson (#GoonStep)

Taevyn “Juvi Dizzle” Gabriel wrote his first song when he was 11 years old and hasn’t looked back since. Born on March 2nd, 1990 in Toronto, Ontario, Juvi bounced around from foster homes to group homes and spent some time in jail, yet he always worked on perfecting his craft. The birth of his daughter, Nyleah in 2010 provided the impetus to put his struggles and troubles behind him and to truly focus on his music full time. He’s since moved to Vancouver where he’s opened for various artists and completed his first mixtape, Dizzle Vol 1: H.O.M.E. which is set for release in 2013. Inspired by producer Johnny Juliano, Juvi has embraced the style of hip-hop known as goonstep; a mixture of dubstep and hard trap beats for his mixtape. Through his music he has found an outlet to let the world in on his trials and tribulations and he hopes to inspire his fans to prevent them from making the same mistake he made.Now , with his first debut project about to drop which has already been co signed by Southen Smoke Dj Smallz, the future looks bright for the young rapper. Make sure you download Juvi Dizzle’s first mixtape “This Is Juvi Dizzle Vol 1: H.O.M.E Hosted By Dj Smallz #SouthernSmoke

JuviDizzleMusic :
Juvi is an artist that writes his music about his life. Some people may say that his sound is a little hard , at times people will say he sounds commercial or your next favourite rapper , but what it comes too is Juvi Dizzle is a very versatile artist. He writes about his life experiences from his heart. The first single that we are looking to promote is very unique. Juvi Dizzle has made a new genre for hip hop which hes called Goonstep. Goonstep is a creative mixture of a dubstep influence in a hip hop song pattern . It is very intense and gets the listener to start wondering about what they are listening too and where did it come from . This sound has never been heard before on a commercial scale . This first song is called H.O.M.E which stands for Hands Over My Eyes , which is also the name of his first mixtape hosted by Dj Smallz / Dj Shurefire Southern Smoke. This song shows that Juvi Dizzle has the potential to be a future headliner .

Juvi Dizzle - HOME x Dr Micheal Eric Dyson - the hip hop

Social Networks
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/JuviDizzle Twitter: @JuviDizzle
Instagram: @JuviDizzle Website: thisisjuvidizzle.blogspot.com

Artist Info
Name : Taevyn “Juvi Dizzle ” Gabriel
D.O.B: March 2nd 1990
Hometown: Toronto Ontario Canada
Current City : Vancouver , BC , Canada
Booking/Collab : [email protected]

To learn more about Juvi Dizzle , please take a minute to check out his most recent EPK.

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