Pardhaan, Slyck & DJ Jas – Tuney Kyun

Pardhaan, Slyck & DJ Jas – Tuney Kyun (Its You) (Official Video)

Pardhaan, Slyck & DJ Jas – Tuney Kyun

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Track: Tuney Kyun
Artists: Pardhaan, Slyck
Produced by: DJ Jas
Mixed by: Nottotune
Video by: Nottotune
Mixtape: Dispensing a Sound

** Contains a sample from “3 Doors Down – Landing In London” **



DJ Jas:


BardashT nahi saath nahi tu mere paas nahi
raas nahi aati yeh baat main koi khaas nahi
saans nahi aata mujhe koi bhi khawaab sahi
kahun main khud ko galat ya kahun tujhe sahi
akelae tere bina khud se kya kehta rehta hoon
ser par sawaar teri baatein liye beitha rehta hoon
nuksaan sehanein waalo mein main hi kyun hota hoon
har baar main khota hoon har baar main hi rota hoon

dil ko samajhaaun ya yunh hi maangu bheekh tujhse
kasam se mujhe mere dushman lagae theek tujhse
kis se main maangu maafi kissae main dosh doon
udaasi ki gehraayi mein pda behosh hoon

abhi na chord mujhe thoda sa sabar kar
jiyun ya marun main meri bhi kadar kar
door karnae se pehle ek baar soch le
khud bhi ruk jaa mujhe bhi rok le

tu meri saanson mein bassi hai kaise main jeena chord doon
tu mere dil mein reh rahi hai kaise main dil ko tod doon
tu meri yaadon mein hai thehari kyun tere baarein mein sochun
itni mushkil nahi thi zindagi aisi bna di tuney kyun

its you
now let me tell you tale which she didn’t wanna hear, she does not even consider huh, lending her ears …. and yeah it is you who made me do it, I wish you were wrong but you proved it was me
I miss the way we kissed , we touch
my ability to make u blush
and vice-versa was it worth it
or was just a curse
coz you got no clue
the magnitude of how much does it hurt
and fuck these alphabets coz i ain’t got no words
to tell you what mean to me
and how i gotta rush, or was it that our love was’nt much
we was never a bunch
the difference between you and me was
for you it was you, for me it was us
and now i feel disgusted, that how could i have trusted
why my feelings were not justiced, your feelings were just surfaced
Now tell me what i gotta do to make you mine
How i am gonna take it from another time
everybody knows that i have been crying
the sort of highness that i have been trying
everybody knows i am stuck in this place
everybody knows how does this taste
It was just me n her …….
It was just me n her
we was together forever, how i am gonna let it depart
from things that we had, through the times we were happy and the times we were sad
so we decided to take things really slow
enjoy every simple thing ,
every simple flow you know
things turned up really sad, things have been really bad
things have been messed up since u were gone,
first i did’nt know that together we belong
so i am busting myself on the song
Now tell me where did I go wrong
Tell me where did i go wrong
Were you playing me all along
I just act like my feelings are gone…..

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