Syntax – Dialog Diagnostic (Mixed by DJ Afar)

Syntax - Dialog Diagnostic (Mixed by DJ Afar)

Dialog Diagnostic – Syntax (Mixed by DJ Afar)

Dialog Diagnostic - Syntax (Mixed by DJ Afar)

After years of developing his craft through various group projects, solo mixtapes and relentless freestyling, Brooklyn’s Syntax is ready to relinquish his unfettered story through the long-overdue debut release ‘Dialog’a’rhythmic.’ which set to release worldwide on August 30th, 2013 via new label imprint Cocoon Movements.

Before the full length, Syntax is releasing this pre-cursor mix ‘Dialog Diagnostic’ mixed by DJ Afar, which features unreleased gems + some snippets from ‘Dialog’a’rhythmic’ including collaborations with L.I.F.E. LongElohem StarMan Danno and Syntone. You can Pre-order the album ‘Dialog’a’rhythmic’ via UGHHBandcampAmazon or AccessHipHop.

—————————————————————————————————————–Syntax - Dialog Diagnostic (Mixed by DJ Afar)—————————————————————————————————————–

01.) Dialog’a’rhythmic (Produced By Rivas)
02.) Ambition Blindsided (Produced By Battery Jackson)
03.) Money Pit (Produced By Man Danno)
04.) Insomnia Opera (feat. Man Danno) (Produced By Third Eye Bling)
05.) Forest Hill (Produced By Baker) [of Soul Avenue]
06.) Soul Lonely (Produced By Man Danno)
07.) This Is Me (Produced By Russell Bradley)
08.) Lust Potion (Produced By Nick Blunt)
09.) Self Help [Here We Go] (feat. Emcee Sick) (Produced By Man Danno)
10.) Walk Again (feat. Dox) (Produced By Travis H)
11.) Money on the Beach (Produced By Man Danno)
12.) Hello Tomorrow (Produced By Battery Jackson)
13.) Time Breaks Everything (feat. L.I.F.E. Long) (Produced By Syntax)
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