Brown Trap – Sikander Kahlon ft. Frappe Ash & Dj Palash

Brown Trap - Sikander Kahlon ft Frappe Ash & Dj Palash

Brown Trap – Sikander Kahlon ft. Frappe Ash & Dj Palash

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Artists – Frappe Ash ft. SIkander Kahlon
Produced by Dj Palash
Video and artwork by ADS Creations (… )

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Lyrics :-


Frappe ash
We got a lil company this time man
Sikander Kahlon
Dj palash on the beat
We blaze this mic man that’s what we do all day
Uh, look look
Lets go!!!

Verse 1 –
Sikander Kahlon

Uh Look Look,
Guess Whos Back, Black On Black, Kala Kurta Gang,
Dekh Na Minu Kaka Turda Reh, Kurhi Dekhdi Minu Jadon Murda Main,
Uh, Kar Clap Yaara, Sunn Mera Rap Yaara,
Bose De Speaker, Nike Sneaker, Naale Bai Tuhada Karey Trap Yaara,
Yeah, Swag Meri Fly, Teri Sehli Te Maaran Try,
Gaaneya De Utte Karan Main Tabai, Rawan In Sky, Never Say Die,
Bai, Never Say Bye-Bye, Boy,
Yaar Mere Kehen Yolo, Gaddi 100 Utte Layi Boy,
Gaddi Vich Vajje Bass, Django Kahlon Man I Run This Place,
Kisi Time Asi Sigey Slave, Par Hun Chalaunde Desh,
Raiye Punjab Urey Saare Brave, Bury Me A G, Kithe Meri Grave?,
Brown Saadi Race, India Saada Desh, Uh.


Welcome to the days again the major phase of which has fade away,
Cus if they wanna talk shit talk face to face, Cus razor blade is what you bitches cant sustain.
Pull your panties up fool and your lingeries, I masturbate at ya life at a faster rate
I throw whacks (wax) away from my ear, I swear to god im a slayer from mars and you wont even get to pray.
Run this town, night to day, lyrically kill mcs with my psycho ways,
They say legacy of rap has passed away and if that’s the case I differ in the best of ways,
Plus I guarantee that they will see me as the best mc with a better cd,
Urban indian with the kkg, representing roorkee and Mohali.
No need to define what iam saying dawg cus what im saying right now defines me,
Kahlon ma brother with the denali king of M block needs no id.
That’s how we run this north side scene, I go green so you know that you cant stop me,
Don’t act too smart you aint no medhavi, Frappe Ash bitch you wont get missed by me

HOOK(Frappe Ash)

They think they’re acting crazy
They think they’re acting desi
They think thery’re bad to the bone but back to the zone is where they take me
And all these desis hate me
I got em all debating
They think thery’re bad to the bone but back to the zone is where they take me

(Frappe Ash)
I woke up today my soul resisted me, and what im tryna say is my own people listed me,
As someone who’ll never be a part of family cus all I do is when they sleep I trade with energies.
I’ll be that energy these people cant define man,
Look at my razor and my eyes they’re red all time man.
Im trading lights im blazing mics reasons for you to hate,
Got wrote the script I just enact all my voodoo plays.

HOOK- repeat



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