Different Day – Moe Maurice

Different Day - Moe Maurice

Different Day – Moe Maurice

Moe Maurice Bio:-

Hip-hop is all about stories. That’s why, despite not having a major label recording contract, heads still gravitate towards Amorea Maurice Walker, A.K.A Moe Maurice. Moe was born Feb 7th, year of 1991, in Oakland, California. This is where singing in his local church inspired Moe’s rap/producing career. Moe, states that growing up rappers Jay-Z and Hot Boyz had a great impact on his childhood. He also mentioned these rappers influence his writing today. His matchless songwriting skills shine through out his songwriting, showing a rare range. Moe has further upcoming opportunities to reveal his burgeoning talent. Moe showcases his songwriting and producing talents by working with NKREDABLES.

Writing has become like a second passion for me,” Moe stated. “I never thought it would develop this way but I’ve always used reality-based situations and real life subjects as the basis for the songs I wrote. He has taken his writing and producing abilities to a new level “I felt really passionate about making this record and now I want everyone else to feel it! My aim has always been to make music that can make a difference in someone’s life; my greatest joy has always known that a song I wrote or rapped touched someone else.

Amorea, Moe, ways of childhood and growing up were a struggle, he doesn’t let it hold him back but rather see it as motivation. “I didn’t like growing up, because I didn’t have the nice things that the kid next door had.” Moe admits, “I didn’t have much, it was just me, my sisters, and mom, with no father, I didn’t have nothing to do but go to school. I was a smart kid in school; always had good grades, but music affected my grades.

At the age of 13, I moved to Antioch/Brentwood, California. When I moved to Brentwood, California, I had to adjust, but it was truly a blessing in disguise because if I would have never moved to Brentwood I wouldn’t be were I am today. I got taken out of the hood to be were the money is.” Amore collaborated with classmates, and is now making his way up the ladder of stardom. Amorea can show his full potential. The rest is soon to be history.

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