Dosti – LKY (Hindi Hip Hop)

Dosti - LKY (Hindi Hip Hop)

Dosti – LKY (Hindi Hip Hop)

Artist – L.K.Y.
Track – Dosti
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Track Info:

The lyrics of this track are actually written by me. It all happened after my gf dumped me. After that I realized that nothing other than friendship can be trusted in this world. In the lyrics I have described what activities we used to do & how I felt like whenever she used to be around me. But finally I don’t care about that all because now I have understood that Friendship is everything & no other relation can be better than this.

Artist Info:

My name is Umang Pandita & I belong to Jammu & Kashmir. I am a Kashmiri Migrant too & I am mad about rapping so much that I wrote a Kashmiri rap too. I use to perform it in front of my Kashmiri friends but haven’t performed it on the stage. 😛 I have completed my schooling from J&K and my Graduation from Dehradun. My nickname is LUCKY that’s why I thought of making its short form because whenever someone calls me LUCKY I really feel lucky that time. So I just removed some letters from it & changed it to L.K.Y. 😀 I write lyrics, I am a composer too n I mix those things too by performing them on the stage. That’s all I had to share.

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