The Hip Hop Interview with Frappe Ash


The Hip Hop Interview with Frappe Ash

The Hip Hop Interview with Frappe Ash



1) How did you get this name “Frappe Ash” ? Though “Akshay Rawat” is a cool name.

My grandma used to call me “ASHY” don’t know for what reason when I was 13 or 14 may be. So when I first started rapping I decided to go with “ASH”, though I was amateur at that time to a very large extent. One day after posting one of my homemade videos I was with my friends chilling at a café and this very beautiful girl walked in and complimented that my rapping in that video(which I then just posted) was cool and sweet as frappe.

And then was the time when it came to me. I decided to go with “Frappe Ash”. Though later I wanted to change it but then everyone then knew Frappe only not Akshay Rawat so I stuck to it.

Frappe Ash is the fun side of me, something which lets me experiment with life/music and everything possible, something which brings in the “CRAZY” in me, Something which sets me apart from the average guy Akshay Rawat.

2) Where is your hometown ?

Roorkee. Its quite a small town located in uttarakhand near Dehradun.

3) For how long you been rapping in this industry?

Its been quite some time since I started learning the tricks and basics around 4 years but ive been doing it in a professional way since 2 years.

4) As we all know your debut album was a hit. What did you learned from that for your future ?

THE TOXIC PRODIGY sold 500 copies around India with free distribution of over 600 copies in shows and small gigs. But most importantly what it taught me was that a good rapper/mc is the one who expresses his feelings in a way that the listeners could connect to it. It taught me to work harder and it in fact help me develop my style/delivery/flow and a lot of other aspects.

In fact I got to know what the Indian public actually wants to hear from you as a rapper. Indian listeners are bored of that same old pop/Bollywood music, so this is their recreational recipe and me and my Producer (DJ PALASH) are working every time possible to provide them with the best of it.

5) What are your hobbies ? And do you study ?

hmmmm, I have a weird set of hobbies. I usually just go out in free time and travel for no reason with some money in my pocket, love to see places, photography, reading about various topics oftenly considered as “taboo” in the society and of course sleeping whenever I find time.

Yup ive completed my 12th standard from army public school roorkee and currently iam studying ARCHITECTURE from Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed University,PUNE.

6) What other Indian rappers do you like?

oh iam a fan of indian underground lyricists. The scene has been constantly evolving and transforming every year but I have my set of favorites. Crews like Mumbai’s Finest, Kkg,Uml,Munky Rhymes and Desi Sultans are my personal favourites. Among other rappers I love listening/watching DM,Enkore,Bohemia,Poetik Justis, Youngsta Ash, Brodha V, Mc Dappear, Humble the poet, mandeep sethi and all of em brothers who have worked with me or still roll me. (Sorry if iam forgetting names)

7) Would you like to say few words to our website( ) owners ( Jasbir & Sandeep ) ?

you guys are doing a fantastic job. You know I always thought there are so many forums/websites for the metal scene in india but now with guys and websites like you I feel so much secured and confident that the scene will prosper to the next level in india. All passionate artists in india just want to be heard and you are the guys who motivate us to keep going. A big big big shout out to you guys. Much love.

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