Brain Kave Music – We Created Fire Vol.1 (Hosted by Apache Ramos)

Brain Kave Music - We Created Fire Vol.1 (Hosted by Apache Ramos)

The Kavemen x Brain Kave Music – We Created Fire Vol.1 (Hosted by Apache Ramos)

…features Marvwon, J.R. Writer (of Dipset) NEMS FYL and more.
Mixed by Radio DJ, Kaptain Kaveman – Brain Kave Music Group brings you… ‘We Created Fire Vol.1 (The Warriors Edition).’ Hosted by Apache Ramos from the 1979 cult film classic ‘The Warriors,’ This mix features 25 original & exclusive tracks from The Kavemen, produced entirely by the Brain Kave production team. Spanning from New York to Cali, Arkansas to Canada and across the Atlantic to all corners of Europe. Brain Kave is an international movement. ‘We Created Fire Vol. 1’ is available now FREE.
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01.) BKMG/PDX [Intro]
02.) Kallihan – King Kong (Red Gorilla)
03.) Tek Luciano – Modern Day Lyricist
04.) Hater – I Just Wanna (Harder)
05.) Vincent Von VEGGA – Fever
06.) Gravity – Black Out
07.) Dox Boogie – Fight Klub (feat. Tha Realness, Kromeatose & Prophit) [Cuts by Dewcutta]
08.) Bravos – Colors2000NOW [Ice-T Tribute]
09.) The Wraith – The Wraith (I Came Back)
10.) Bloody Monk Consortium – Red Tags
11.) The Kavemen – Against All Odds (feat. Hanz On & Skriptkeper)
12.) Absyrd & Dox Boogie [of The Kavemen] – Necessary Violence (feat. Mic Beatz)
13.) Noyz Denali – Dreamin’ (feat. Marvwon)
14.) Vincent Von VEGGA – Head Trip
15.) JR Phenom – We Don’t Give A Fuck Now
16.) Gravity – Gonna Get You
17.) Dox Boogie & The Wraith [of The Kavemen] – Heroin (feat. Banish & Centri)
18.) Dox Boogie – Straight Up (No Chaser) [Remix] (feat. NEMS FYL & Skrewtape)
19.) PrinxMikul – Ya’ Beautiful
20.) Absyrd – You Dont Know Me (feat. Cadalack Ron)
21.) Absyrd, Bravos & The Wraith [of The Kavemen] – Noise Terrorists
22.) Gravity – The Breakdown (feat. J.R. Writer) [of Dipset]
23.) PrinxMikul – Winner
24.) Noyz Denali – 3:42am In Queensbridge Park
25.) Dox Boogie – It’s Gone
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