Strong Woman – Sweet P The Entertainer (Official Music Video)

Strong Woman – Sweet P The Entertainer (Official Music Video)


Strong Woman – Music Produced, Written, Performed, Arranged, Mixed & Mastered by: Sweet P The Entertainer
Directed by: Ricky Daniels – [email protected]

Lyrics to Strong Woman:

Intro talk:
Sighh! Yeah, I’m looking for a real woman, someone that completes me, could you be the one?

Verse 1:
Looking for that special lady I wanna get to know ya, and if you’re out there I’m ready cause girl I need to show ya, that I’m everything that you’ll ever need and want in a man, but before we go there, I need you to understand…

I need a real chick, round 5’6″ body real thick, you can be real pretty but can you conversate bout some real shhh…, I want you to be down for me so baby show me that you can, and if you fit that description girl then I wanna be your man, yeah, listen!

Verse 2:
Yes I need that kind of lady that makes her own decisions, that can think for herself and don’t need her friend’s opinions, someone that can cook for me when I’m just chillin at home, this may sound a little bit selfish but please don’t get me wrong… (B-Section)

I need a real strong woman a, real strong woman a, real strong woman for me, I’m looking for a girl that’ll always be down and when, ever I’m in trouble she’s, always around I need, a real strong woman a, real strong woman a, real strong woman for me, I’m looking for the real type that never pretends and when I take my last breath, she’ll be there til the end!

Verse 3:
Can I find that type of lady that aint so insecure and, I want that Oprah type of woman that when she speaks she sure and, that real humble type lady that don’t mind cleaning a house, and when I buy her that wedding ring she don’t care what it cost! (B-Section)

Hey, man I need a chick that’s down, man I need a chick that’s round, from the back with a little bit of attitude but the thing about her she don’t frown, she’s just a real chick, bout 120 body real thick, you can tell she’s educated conversation’s real slick! She’s like a Harvard grad, but she’s ever hardly mad, and I aint never really got ta worry bout calling this girl a …oops my bad! Cause she aint got no drama, she was raised well by her mama, and I’ll never disrespect her cause yes I believe in karma!

Verse 4:
Looking for that type of girl, that don’t need Prada or Gucci, someone that loves me for me, cause I really don’t want no groupie, that loyal faithful type of girl that I can trust when I’m gone, and if you out there, come and find me, that’s the reason why I wrote this song!

(B-Section) (sing first half)
(B-Section) (sing 2nd half & repeat 3X)
(B-Section) (sing last line) (End)

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