The HipHop Interview with Aftersleem

The HipHop Interview with Aftersleem

The HipHop Interview with Aftersleem

The HipHop Interview with Aftersleem

1: Your real name is Dhrubajeet Biswas as stated in your Facebook Page. Then why AFTERSLEEM ? What does it signify ?

I Was Inspired By Aftermath Record’s Artists Like Dr Dre & The Game, Thats what AFTER Stands For & When I Started Music I Thought to Put My Stage Name SLIM because of my Physique Ha ha But Later I Decided To Add My Inspiration First. Im Serious.


2: Where were you born ? Where do you live now ?

Thats a Long Story , Well Lemme make it Short For You. Born In a small Place Called “LUMDING” located in “Assam” (North East). Currently I’m Residing Alone In Kolkata, India. Left My Hometown To Make Things happen & Im Still Doing That Shit.

3: I saw you released 2 Mixtape on Datpiff (Murderer) & (Features For Future). I have listened to some songs from your Mixtape from where did you get the inspirate to write the lyrics ?

About My Music?
My Music Is Basically About My Life, Past, Present, Surroundings, Situation I Been Through, About My Family, Friends, Environment & About My Life Style. I Love To Create Lyrics With Creative, Inside & Double Meanings Which Makes Listeners Hard To Understand What I’m Exactly Trying To Say But Its Easy To Understand My Every Simple Words, Because I Believe Music Should Be Simple Because Complexity Never Touches anyone’s heart.


4: What types of problems do you face when you want to make a song (Funding,Promotion,Production etc) ?

I Don’t Treat Any Problems Like a Problem, I Love To Deal With Those. But Yes Promotion Is One Of That. I ain’t Rich Yet.

5: What are your goals for future ? Any future plans for Mixtape/Single’s ?

Im Chasing My Only Goal & That is Music, I Want to be remembered through My Music, Work ethic, Hardwork , overwork & Thats It. Want to spread Hip hop Music All Over The Place, I Believe Its Still Alien. Yes “Futures For Future 2” In My Bag Right Now, Working On it. Its Going to be a Instrumental EP. I Will think About “Murderer 2” Also. Lots Of Official Music Videos Will Be Out, Thats Roaming Around My Finger Tips These Days. I Will Put Out & Direct Some Of the Best Visuals From Indian Underground.

Aftersleem - FeaturesForFuture2 (An Instrumental EP) ComingSoon

6: Would you like to go to Bollywood if you ever get noticed by your songs ?

Well I Would Love To Stay Underground, Thats What A Boss Do, A Real Leader Do. But, Yes If I Ever Get a Chance To Collab With Bohemia, Ima Surely Step Up.

7: Which Indian underground/independent rapper/group you like the most ? Why ?

I Don’t Know Nothing But “Bohemia”. You Know Why Man, He is the Creator, He Deal With his Surroundings, His Life, Past, Pain & thats What I Do & Love. A Somehow I Love ROB C, I don’t Know Why, But He is Dope Though. Thats what i feel about him now, it could get changed later.

8: Message to your fans and other hip-hop artists ?

To My Fans, They Are Like Invisible Human Beings, They Still Somehow Pushing Me Up To My ladder’s Top Step. Im Honoured, Im Blessed, Im Doing Great, Ima Do Great For Them. God Bless Them.

I Just wanna Tell To Rest Of The Artist That Work So Hard For Yourself, Dont Waste Your Time For Gossips. Get Updated, Its 2013 My Fam, 21st Century. End Is Coming. And Keep on Grinding.

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