Trust Nobody – Katie Tropp (Music Video)

Trust Nobody - Katie Tropp (Music Video)

Trust Nobody – Katie Tropp (Music Video)


Katie Tropp is a rarity among female rappers. She spits edgy hardcore rap, a territory that has long been the province of male rappers. A native of San Jose, California. Katie Tropp was influenced by West Coast legends, such as Ice Cube, Dr. Dre, 2pac, and Snoop Dogg.  At the age of 18, Katie recorded her first demo, and knew that music was her calling.  Eventually, she and her rhyming skills came to the attention of Lecxs, the  CEO of Blaqman Records,  who helped her cultivate her career.

After moving to Texas to sign with Blaqman Records, Katie continued working on her debut album “Krazy Kracka.”  “Krazy Kracka” is a 20 track album that shows how versatile of an artist Tropp really is.  With her debut album, Tropp opens up her world to her fans and offers them a glimpse at her complex life.  Katie uses this album to explore different emotions and unique perspectives with songs such as “Trust Nobody” and “Hey Bitch.”  “Krazy Kracka” is sure to showcase Katie’s female swagger and out-front style.

Not one of your average run of the mill rappers, Katie Tropp is a verbal firecracker , who isn’t scared to express herself through her  provocative rhymes. Also the VP of Sales and Publicity for Blaqman Records, Katie Tropp is an austere business woman who thinks outside the box, and is never afraid to assert herself. Katie Tropp has the skill and dedication to be one of the most prominent female rap artists of her time.

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