Do you believe in Aliens?

Do you believe in Aliens? We do! They’re Here Gear

Aliens exist, and THEY’RE HERE! Let’s spread the message in a fun, unique way. They’re Here Gear, look fresh on this world and beyond.

We are so excited to announce our Kickstarter campaign for They’re Here Gear. We hope you have watched the video above, we worked hard on it and it is fun to show all the progress we have made so far!

We are NOT asking for a handout. We are offering GREAT products, at GREAT prices, for a GREAT cause 🙂

About They’re Here Gear: 

They’re Here Gear is a platform to help spark dialogue about the existence of aliens and to do so in fun, unique ways. We started as a t-shirt clothing line by purchasing a six-color silk screen press, printing some really cool alien t-shirts, and have grown into so much more. We now make t-shirts, hoodies, beanies, sunglasses, wristbands, prints, baseball caps, wood necklaces, paintings, comic books, and more. With so much support from our community, we also have dedicated our time to giving back to them. They’re Here Gear does this through clothing donations, paid opportunities for local artists/models, supporting independent musicians and athletes, and more. Everything is hand printed and embroidered at our home base in Salt Lake City, UT. We are local, independent, green, conscientious, community-oriented, and also we are awesome! They’re Here Gear, look fresh on this world and beyond! Our supporters love it and we know that you will too!

We are dedicated to spreading the message that aliens are among us. Every article of merchandise we put out is a conversation starter, a statement, and a revolution.


Our Opportunities: 

It has been fun watching artists depict aliens, printing and embroidering the gear, running a merch booth at events, and talking aliens with people; but now is the time for They’re Here Gear the take everything to the next level! We are lucky enough to have some huge opportunities on our horizon and we need you to hit the “pledge” button and back this project, please also hit the “share” button to help us make these dreams come true.

They’re Here Gear has created an entire line of merchandise for 2014. We have paid for the design work, the machine costs, and have prototypes in our hands. We are ready to go! We have 12 different shirt designs, all true to alien theory, including star systems, biological aspects, and more. We also have 5 different hat designs, 4 hoodie designs, sunglasses, wristbands, and more. There are 20 items total for our initial 2014 line! We also have the opportunity to move to a larger, nicer facility come February 2014, given our Kickstarter is successful. We know this will make us more productive, provide more space, and provide a nicer atmosphere for clients. We also have the ability to get into a chain store with twelve locations, wanting 5 designs, at 10 sizes each, totaling 600 shirts. We have all of the designs, silk screens, ink, and are ready to go on this as soon as we can move. We also know that a getting a booth at the Salt Lake Comic Convention could add tens of thousands of new supporters given the turnout of last year’s event (70,000-80,000 patrons). We already have the biggest key of all, support. Through our twitter and Facebook pages, we get so many comments, contributions, and shares because sometimes the people who like alien stuff, REALLY like alien stuff! Just check out our twitter feed @theyreheregear. Your generous donations will get you some awesome gear, and they will help fund us through these dreams. So here is what your donations will go toward:

Where Your Donations Go:

$3000 new conveyor dryer
$1000 upgrade silk screen press with new arms, auto squeegees
$1000 ink, screens, extras to fulfill our Kickstarter rewards
$1000 plus trade-in and get a better, bigger, faster embroidery machine

$1000 shirts, beanies, hoodies to fulfill our Kickstarter rewards

we also have “stretch goals” (when we surpass our initial financial goal, what we will do with the extra money) that will be amazing in helping spread the word about They’re Here Gear such as: advertising, sponsor more independent events/athletes/musicians, 2014 UFO convention, get booths at several music festivals, as well as creating more of our unique products like the comic books, wood necklaces, etc. If we can raise enough money, we will also add a second location in Colorado.

More about our rewards: All of our gear is hand printed/stitched, they have multiple prints (sleeve prints, side prints, back prints), custom tags, and have had a whole lot of custom love put into them. Our customers MUST be happy and returns/exchanges will be welcome for 60 days after receiving our product, we’ll cover the shipping.

All or Nothing: 
As you know, Kickstarter is an “all-or-nothing” platform so if we don’t raise our entire goal, we don’t get any of the money at all, and all of these amazing dreams and goals get put on hold. We love our product and know that you will too, and we are extremely excited to take on this challenge! Thank you so much in advance for all your support, donations, and sharing!

In Closing: 

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Please contact us for any other information at all. We have our documents available to any of our donors. We also love to hear feedback, see pictures of supporters in their gear, and just talk alien stuff! We look forward to our success in this venture, your help, and getting more gear out there to the believers! Thank you so much for your generous donation!

So please, hit the “pledge” button now and back this project, hit the “share” button, and lets spread the truth in a fun way! They’re Here Gear, look fresh on this world and beyond!

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