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Next Artists To Blow Up – DJ YRS Jerzy And Chox-Mak


DJ YRS Jerzy and Chox-Mak are a duo currently taking the internet by storm with their impeccable work ethic and their consistency of dropping projects. These two seem to have come out of no where but it is not like that at all. They have been working the media and getting them selves heard and the most impressive part is that they do everything by them selves. They are already getting features on some of the top hip hop websites and their names just keep getting bigger and bigger as the days go by. Alot of people in the industry have their eyes on these two it is almost hard to see when they aren’t dropping projects because they are just so consistent.

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It is reported that they have a couple of label executives who are scouting them right now but they don’t seem to let that get to their heads. DJ YRS Jerzy handles the business side of things and Chox-Mak is the recording artist. The crazy thing about all of this is that they started working together in early 2013 so I can’t even imagine what is in store for these two in 2014. They have a mixtape in the works called “Cross Colours And Starter Jackets” which is an all 90′s hip hop inspired project that will feature nothing but old school hip hop instrumentals. Chox-Mak said on twitter that there might be a special guest from the 90′s on this project so I guess everyone will know next year when it is scheduled to drop.


You can find the cover to this mixtape online as well. It just goes to show that hard work will always pay off. More singles and visuals will be in the works for them I’m sure so everyone that follows their movement “90′s Flow” will always have new music they always make sure that their fans are satisfied. The rate these two are on people are bound to start talking about the movement. Many people say that Chox-Mak’s music takes them back to that 1990′s era of hip hop. Every last project that he has dropped has been amazing he gets great feed back on all of his music links this dude is bound to blow up within a couple of months. The vision that Chox-Mak has for his music is something very special and you can tell with every track he drops he has a great passion for music and he loves what he does. Same goes for DJ YRS Jerzy he is dedicated to everything that he does and DJ YRS Jerzy is only 20 years old which is almost hard to believe with everything he is accomplishing with his career.

I cannot wait for these two to go mainstream i know they will be very successful in the music business and everyone just wants to see them win. They are truly the most hardworking people you will ever find and they can do anything that they put their minds too. We here at Elite Musik want you to know that you have to start supporting them their talents have to be seen and heard. Once you get a feel of what their doing you’ll have to love it. We will always update you on what they have going on but in the meantime you can search “DJ YRS Jerzy” or “Chox-Mak” on the site to get familiar with their work. If you would like to keep up with them through social media you can follow them on twitter @IAMDJYRSJERZY and @Chox_Mak910. They also have Facebook fan pages as well which are “DJ YRS Jerzy” and “Chox-Mak”. I encourage everyone to start supporting their movement it is just a matter of time before these two blow up.

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