Best of Sikander Kahlon Vol.1 Powered by

Best of Sikander Kahlon Vol1 - Album (2010 - 2013)

Best of Sikander Kahlon Vol.1 Powered by

Sikander Kahlon’s name is familiar with almost every Indian HipHop Fan. The one another thing which is famous about him is his way to do everything differently. This time Sikander Kahlon came up with a different concept, which isn’t adopted by any other underground rapper yet, to release a compilation of his best songs from 2010 to 2013 and we,,  decided to help Sikander Kahlon in choosing the best songs for this compilation.

Best of Sikander Kahlon Vol1 - Album (2010 - 2013)

This compilation is named Best of Sikander Kahlon Vol.1 and there are 26 songs in it including 3 unreleased songs. The unreleased songs are ‘Chal Chaliye’ by Sikander Kahlon, ‘Woahoah by Sikander Kahlon and ‘Skeeman’ by Sikander Kahlon featuring Immortal Singh.

These 26 songs have been selected from Sikander’s released 5 Mixtapes and those are Sikander The Sovereign in 2010, Hibernation in 2012, Hibernation: Leftovers in 2012,  SIKmatic and To Her, With Love in 2012 and 2013 respectively.

Best of Siknader Kahlon Vol1 Powered by

Artists featuring in this compilation are The ‘hk’, Veer Karan, Yajur Brar, Navi Virk, Immortal Singh, Rob C & The Emenjay and Production From Veer Karan, PureHit Makers, DJ Vee-X and Sikander Kahlon himself.

Kahlon is also racing up to release his upcoming Album, Yes! you heard it right, it’s an Album not a mixtape. Sikander has named it ‘Kahlon’s Laboratory’.

“Kahlon’s Laboratory  is not a mixtape, it’s an album. I’m looking forward to collaborate with Artists out if India and some Big names in Mainstream also. Young Fateh, often seen with Dr ZEUS in his music videos, is already on the Board, Let’s see who else will be collaborating”, Sikander said over a phone call to me.

The compilation can be downloaded here! 

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Written by Kartik Nijhawan

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