Emcee Feral – Retreat (New Music 2014)

Emcee Feral - Retreat (New Music 2014)

Emcee Feral – Retreat (Prod By Feral) – New Music: 2014

Emcee Feral - Retreat (New Music 2014)

Piyush Wason aka Emcee Ferral is out with his new dope track. Indian underground rappers are really getting into this new thing about rapping & freestyling. Take a look at this track and see how good he is at rapping. Support this man on Soundcloud.


Hip-Hop music, people don’t understand it,
Guns and Drugs? They can’t even stand it,
They never heard Rap Music before,
All they listen to music that is branded.
Hand guns, keeping nothing alive,
There is no one tonight, just me and the mic,
Meeting my sacrifice, oh! There she arrive,
Days went, this evening I had planned Bitch.
I am in love with this beat; I am in love with this bitch,
I am in love with the street; I am in love to compete,
My love is so neat, so don’t mistreat my heart,
So, I will repeat, don’t mislead my art.
I am a rapper, please listen to me,
Don’t make a remix; it has been glisten with heat.
Airplays and Radios are not playing “retreat”,
Coz ain’t no mainstream song I had Jammed Bruh.

Fuck labels, I am an independent artist,
I am taking this too far and I am talking no regardless,
I got no such target I am my own market.
Not heartless and Fan base is real, not largest.
People know me; my face is not on stardust,
Hardest flows ever, no fancy cars and carpets,
You just came over and I see you departed?
I am bottom to the top yeah, oh! You had just started?
Making money that’s how you been rewarded,
I call it retarded; your music is so morbid,
You may be sell out, that’s a simple bargain,
Your lyrics so bizarre and the road map with the DARK END.

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