Kav-E Feat. Enkore – Lost in Translation

Kav-E Feat. Enkore – Lost in Translation (Prod. by Dorian X)

Kav-E Feat Enkore - Lost in Translation (Prod by Dorian X)

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Lyrics :-

Lost in Translation:

Verse one : Kav-E
I have a sick spit, slick wit, sicker when the beat fit,
Slip this in your playlist among the classics,
Couplets falling in serene arrangement,
Come to life with the baseline in-sync with the drum kit.
Let it sink. Slip through your guard, nod in agreement.
Positive energy flowing through bodily movement.
(a)Feeling…closer to divinity, a fallen prophet.
but always be forsaken as I cant spit in my native.
Last of the lost kids who studied the blueprints. Bullied by hooligans,
Pissed at the counterfeits, stereotype nitwits ask where my necklace is,
Ridiculous, picture this catholic without a crucifix.
So yeah can I have a witness……………yes
See I know where my roots is…………..yes
I Take pride in where come from…………….yes
And Mumbai is whr I belong …………….yes
Yes Yes I be Desi though not be vernacular…..
Holds a different brush but the canvas flaunts the same picture….
Admist the prejudice…..music be my mirror…sincere….
Reflects bck…scribbling pads…
Forming an audible picture on the wax…

I want the recognition but I been waiting,
I’m taking them to church but they look for Satan,
I know I can make a statement,
But I’ve been so lost in translation.

Verse 2: Enkore
gold chain (check)
heavy pendant (okay)
a hat lookin out of place on my temple
and the template of a ballin man
put em all in a bag, make sure to be trashin all of them
and sprinkle that with a little bit of yo thoughts,
either say we a gimmick or we not gimmick enough
stop, listen to us. hip-hop lives in the bus.
short kid in a rush who’s not livin it up
got pressured enough, no time for bus stops
he’ll only catch the last train if he jumps off
punks thought this is rich boy music?
it’s just a by product rich boys use it
so look now motherfuckers,
aint a joke yo, all we got is
in fact, dont even try n look at
shut yo eyes open your ears to

Verse 3: Kav-E
Progressive rhymes expressive, forming the basis the oasis of rhythmic flow impressive,
Word play immensely creative,
Aggressive. Voice of the restless….watchin like an apprentice,
Observe this……..Freedom…eradicating barriers and fences….
Yet some take offence, post a strong resistance,
Western influence ????? True that, but this is my deliverance.
Though predominant emphasis on clitoris and cannabis,
Experience bliss on em beats no issues or i.d Crisis.
SO ” (Dorian)X” let me address this…….Yes
Music knows no boundaries…….Yes
It spreads across cultures……Yes
So why do you try and shackle me…..Yes
Diverse like this country we just like thee,
Individuals but express opinions differently,
Understand this language and you shall see,
An unorthodox note that completes the symphony.

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