The Alfred Cole Collection


The Alfred Cole Collection

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The young talent known as ‘Jetlag Joey’ began on his journey to his dreams at a young age in the Maryland/Washington, DC area. Joey has always had an interest in a very wide selection of music. Being raised on Reggae to Jazz, R&B and even Swing, it highly influenced his style. Poetic expression is what Joey is all about. In the middle of his high school years, Joey relocated to Orlando, Florida and continued to nourish his sound. He is incredibly steadfast in his perfectionism for the listener as his passion drives him to put out his best quality work of the time. Like everyone else he’s had his share of hardships in life, being a child of Sierra Leonean Parents, he was subject to learn and witness the harsh realities of the Blood Diamond War. The carnage he saw remains embedded in him forever and gives him purpose. He is determined to leave behind a legacy. His time is now. A true soul R.E.B.E.L., Jetlag Joey.

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