Youngsta Ash – Dedication (Music)

Youngsta Ash - Dedication

Youngsta Ash – Dedication (Music)

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Verse 1:

they say all I rap about is struggle and pain
but trust me when I say I don’t just have blood in my vein
the passion for music run through my whole body
both my mind and ma heart and even my soul prolly

is dedicated to music,it’s the reason why I’m still goin
on with my life and all this while I’ve been knowin
that all this won’t be an easy task for me
still I put my all in it,everything it asked from me

even with the dark clouds on me
my only motive was to make my people proud of me
now people don’t just see me they look out for me
point the biggest skeptic even he won’t have a doubt on me

or the fact that I’m supposed to blow up
Lost a few close people,still found no love
and even with the weather growin colder
dad told me “keep marchin through the fog,you’re a soldier”


Everything that I wanna do
and everything I do it’s all for you
see it’s my dedication

Verse 2:

I’m me,you can’t find another,I’m a rare one
I was runnin in circles but I’m back at the square one
means I’m still the same no change in my demeanour
but I’m tryna get to the otherside where it’s all greener

cause if life changes how can I be the same
when I know that I deserve better cuz I’ve seen the pain
the show’s over for you if you wanna see me weak again
but it’s just beginning if you wanna see me lead the game

now I don’t just call the shots I take lethal aim
I just wanna earn respect,ya’ll can keep the fame
and this is it,this is how it’s meant to be
I’m like rap’s avatar man I bend emcees/em seas ( )

and to all my haters this life that I live is like a motion picture
while I just kick it back and chill while I roll a rizla
so it’s time ya’ll realise that
till the day that I go back to christ,on the mic I’ll keep bringin christ back

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