Turna – Memory Lane (Prod. By RMB Justize) (Official Music Video)

Turna – Memory Lane (Produced By RMB Justize) (Official Music Video)

A good suspenseful music video with a movie like plot to it showing how friends aren’t always really your friends.

Turna - Memory Lane (Produced By RMB Justize) (Official Music Video)Bio: DeVante’ Turner (Turna) is a young and very talented up and coming artist. Born in the city of Denver, Colorado on June 17, 1992. Turna grew up in a household full of musical history. His grandfather was a professional singer in the 70’s and his father was a rapper out the city of Canton, Ohio. Growing up around these influences Turna developed a love for the craft of music and also picked up on the mindset of a musical artist very early on. Turna’s biggest influence and motivation was growing up in poverty. Turna always had the love for the music but, didn’t always know exactly what to do with his craft. At age 17 Turna decided to take everything serious and to be professional. He began working with his older brother Andre Dims (Ace), Ace being an older guide for Turna also introduced him into close friend and partner Romeo Cash. With dreams of being a worldwide entertainer Turna began recording songs and trying to develop a name for himself. Turna is very well still at the start of his career and is developing very fast. His influences are developing him into something beyond great. With the soul and the strength of an angel, Turna believes that anything and everything is possible. Watch out for this young prospect.

Official Website: www.Turna.FourFour.com
Twitter: @TurnaOneTake (www.twitter.com/turnaonetake)
Instagram: @TurnaOneTake (www.instagram.com/TurnaOneTake)
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