Ashwin Caez – 100 Bars – IIWII (Explicit)

Ashwin Caez – 100 Bars – IIWII (Explicit)

IIWII – It Is What It Is. It’s a Free Verse Rap
Written & Performed by Ashwin Caez
Prod. by Stunnah Beatz, Mastered by Deep Harks

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Lyrics :-
I ain’t high man, it’s cuffin’ season….God damn!
Aiyo, Let’s do this.
Buckle up!

Verse 1:
I gotta verse in my mind
It’s almost a lyrical menace
Gone are the days when I used to watch Dennis the Mennis
Oh! Lemme put on some britches,
Um feedin’ urge of the pitches.
Quite serious, ain’t gonna tame no glitches
Man.. Hold up! Did I sound too heinous?
Wish I could tell my 11 grade rhymes
Like a Baby rapper, sound too improper.
Der’s a msg to all my crammer,
Neither a bro nor a rapper, Call me a Bro-Hopper.
I’mma 12 grade dropper.
I’ve been hailin’ since I was on my 15
With baggy jeans, loose tees.
U fags, it rhymes clean.
Don’t blame on me like it’s too profane.
Though u don’t need to tell ya momma,
U can catch me on ya phone’s screen
Sometimes I spit so obscene buh it’s more than just a dream when a brown kid got balls of poetic gene.
Ah! Lemme tell u about my scene
Um still altruistic & always been
And I ain’t gonna go any mean,
Until I move on to the next vagine. Yeah IIWII

Outro(Diss on Drake):
Aiyo Listen up!
F*ck ur 10 bands, 50 bands, 100 bands
It ain’t even real man. (laugh) IYKWIM
He’s right, let’s not even discuss it man.
I ain’t like to go 0 to 100 nigga
But I stay on bard mode, like a f*ckin’ pro nigga
Believe Me x2
I gotta need to change. (laugh)

Verse 2:
Cuz times’ve changed
I gotta need to buy a new watch, prolly a new clock or a new vision
I’m not a Christian
I read Bible on my low every season, like a man on my mission
Der I got the hate too, Now
Der’s only few whom i talk too
These homies neither interact nor greet too
& they ain’t got any reason too.
As only few strive for a headway shoe
While others relax & reprehend what u do
But it seems like a f*ckin’ treason
Sometimes I act like a proud pigeon
I see things on monocular vision
To the depth of perception.
Oh! God um not a fowler send those hunters to the prison.
I devote my 9 to 5 to the game of rhyme with extra precision.
Man..u gotta respect it, take a bow for this Hip-Hop religion.
I better be that cold heart with dreamy eyes lemme blow my passion into profession.
I’m breathin’ my moments like a stageless crade
Like a bubble boy missin’ school in his 1 grade
Though ppl make pun outta his young fate.
His wisdom gets kissed up in the head
At the age when he’s lookin’ for the bread.
But der’s a devil on every shoulder blade.
& I’m on the boat of youthful crusade
I ain’t trippin’, don’t wanna get laid.
Someday I gotta need to be paid & I’mma wait for that bait ….yeah! IIWII

Outro(Diss on Honey Singh):
Gibbs give the free energy
But I refill the heredity energy.
Bluff ur forged charisma
I’m starting my charisma
Don’t be my gf, be my tenant
My blood is valour
Infinite is the limit.
Everest is my dwell
Lyrics is my sign
& I intrude the den.
Yo Yo is funny
But Honey ain’t even funny. (Laugh)

Life’s really a bitch
All u need is a spell to clinch
When ur hands next to her ass
About to quench, a moment to surpass
Then all u get is a reason to cum fast.
But my condom is condemn
& I always intrude the den.
I’mma say it like bitch is for Bro, Hun is for hoe.
I’m like a beast gotta do it to the hoe or prolly whore for a howl like an asshole.
Do I need to talk about my conscience
Subconscious is when u get down to partially conscious. On mic,
Ain’t seeing any reason to spit but I gotta level of common sense
Don’t be a boozer, be the one who is cautious.
Cuz unless u get a continence, u’re safe from any consequence.
But I hustle up do some overtime back home um about to feed my kitties,
& u still suckin’ ya momma titties.
Yo amateurs
Pay some respect or curse me till um fade
Go spaz ur pen scribble some more weight
Like soldier of this game, I’mma let my nuts hang with it.
It ain’t a matter of fate cuz I rhyme with the sound of speed bitch ya already been too late.
Find a sundress bae who ain’t gonna get nailed at her first date.
Or masturbate with ya pet like zack did in due date.
No matter what
I’mma go with ya taste & add some Indo-spice & lyrical cinnamon
& um ridin’ my cart of rhymes towards autobahn
You gotta need to take a look thereupon
Cuz the flow is phenomenon.
The swag is same but it’s not the capital city marathon.
Like a muse fantasy It feels like I gotta pond full of fishes & I’m the only swan.
2015 what up!
Peace 😉

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