H.U.G.E. – Ash x Doktah D (Rap Cypher)

H.U.G.E. – Ash x Doktah D (Rap Cypher)

HUGE (Hyderabad Hip Hop Underground Evolution) is a platform for all the hip hop enthusiasts living in Hyderabad. This is the first Rap Cypher from H.U.G.E featuring Ash x Doktah D.

H.U.G.E. – https://www.facebook.com/hugehyd
Doktah D – https://www.facebook.com/Pranavdixit2306
Ash – https://www.facebook.com/ashish.sharma.315

Lyrics :-

Doktah D:
Welcome the sinister D, finest on beats, I’ma image of what visionary minister sees,
Honestly this arm is a weapon, disarm I’m still ripping these punks apart,
A lion repping the lion city
Flows timeless somethin like KO
I’ma keep drilling the beat until it say no
Addicted to scars
Bleeding rhymes like a victim of bars
Got sick in the car, captivated the beat
Activated the heat, these jerks couldn’t cope up with my music like Sikkim on mars
Thinkin to start abusing everyone like diss is my star, this is my war
I’m sicker than HIV and HYD’s the place where I be
Killing beats, freezing this place around now I gotta eat cola
My seats colder not fit for KBC
Watch me run like Kells, somebody lace me please
Is it the beat or the fun I smells
My stomach ringing for food like taco bells
I jus cocked those shells
Been a renegade since 7th grade too hard to serenade coz the things I never made levitate in my mind and I grab the pen and pad
It’s like you on analgesics, I’ma kill yo pain, skills for brain I’m still ill for game kill no saints don’t think I fill cocaine
They ain’t feeling me lately thinking ice is in crisis but screw that I give em a nicest smile coz I be real and these niggas only digest lies like they divest eyes into the darkness I’m the finest shine got these tightest lines and these
Rappers got their singles booed so I make sure I kill every punk when I’m in the stu hell yeah I’m the king to rule and the only time when you’re gonna be a ruler is when they measure how whack of a thing are you

This is HYD
With rare noise anarchy
We know what we made of and you can’t destroy energy
Mess with me? Pull out fangs, call me DARK-MOON-CREATURE chop your
oesophagus, crack your sternum , and burn em, for my witchcraft, that’s
awesomest for ya’ll CARTOON-FEATURES as methodically ya’ll an oddity,
Your singles people easily forget it , cause your simply pathetic, while
I’m the hottest commodity
The truth is spoken if you just follow my words
Its equally slappy in your face like a volleyball serve
My dude listen, ask why I DISS RAPPERS
Cause I’m on a course of mission, to take hip hop back where it didn’t have
Y’all know wassup with me
I’m not your cup of tea
With this mic in my hand, I’m a cannibal man, to extinct you hammer –
heads, and au-revoir the clamor ahead,
While I flex my extension
Cause I’m all about perfection
& love to live in meditation
& without hesitation
Come out as a filthy dinner
to eliminate all y’all small timers
I’ll invite you on stage
But don’t be I’ll choke your throat instead
While the crowd is pumped as fuck
They jumping up
Bringing love
Cause they know the king fucked shit up
No Gatorades, we ball with thirst
Call us untamed guerillas
Hustle hard till it hurts
Cause we’re too powerfull for painkillers
Now I’m done homes
Ya’ll fools can sit back & write another hundred dumb poems

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