TeamBackPack India – Pardhaan, SETI X, Guru (Video)

TeamBackPack India - Pardhaan, SETI X, Guru (Video) - the hip hop - desi hiphop

TeamBackPack India – Pardhaan, SETI X, Guru (Video)

TeamBackPack Cyphers is back with a brand new Cypher.
Produced. By Fresco Bangaz

Lyrics :-
Namaste (Indian Greeting)
In A relaxed Manner
Like Fire cracker
Released Arrow from a bow
My lyrics are like coal taken out of deep mine
open your ears
who has issues from my work, my money, my expenditure
I don’t care what you think about it, bark around about it
I am ugly without any quality
I have pen and paper with flow but no singing tone.
My hand-writing is good but I write things full of garbage
All bad qualities are in me but I stay away from conceit
From an intelligence I am illiterate
In Haryana (State in India) Roadways (Bus) I am travelling With loaded shot gun
My destruction is in the hands of Shiva (God)
A bit of Holy nature with a bit of mischievousness.
I do magic on girls too
I don’t come in anyone’s hand
Will destruct anyone who will speak loud on me.

I am not week if I be quiet
I start to think where you stop.
I am storm after the calm
Chandigarh is my city, Guru is my name
This girl is calling me again and again
Another texts me on WhatsApp “I am turned on”
I don’t reply back
My time is good now, which was not good then
My first song was “Main Haan Desi”
If money is hand’s dirt
My hand remains dirty
When I amd drunk I keep on abusing
You all are kids of today and I am here since years
I am a player of this game like Tendulkar
Rapping in Punjabi on a Backpack cypher
When its night, my day starts
I walk alone like a Tiger.

TeamBackPack :-

Produced by Fresco Bangaz –
Pardhaan –
Guru –

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