Dj-V – LOSER (Prod. By Strong Symphony)

Dj-V - LOSER (Prod By Strong Symphony) - the hiphop

Dj-V – LOSER (Prod. By Strong Symphony)

When we hear love songs now a days, we expect them to make us feel a certain kind of way or mood to push us in an emotional trance. Luckily, Dj-V’s new song “LOSER” brings that exact mood you need. This song explains the perspective of someone who constantly falls under the love of another as if their love knocked them flat on their back in a boxing match. Dj-V stresses how much of a loser he is for the love of who ever he’s speaking about in the song and expresses his feelings greatly. For example, he brings the focal point with the first lines of the song, “If Love Songs Are For Losers Then I’ll Gladly Take Defeat/I Take L’s Whenever You Speak To Me You Make My Pain Retreat”.Surprisingly, this song was actually about no one. He says wrote it off of raw thought and random melodies in less than 2 days, found a beat, then recorded, mixed, mastered, released, and distributed it a day after. Crazy right? “LOSER” is out now on every media platform such as Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, and many more. The real question is, are you a loser for someone’s love as well? Or are they already in your heart of a trophy case.

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